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Deimys Vigil, PMHNP - BC

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Navy Veteran, Spanish Speaking Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Focusing on Children and Adolescents. Bringing telemedicine in psychiatry to her local community in Parker, but also serving throughout the state of Colorado, at the comfort of your home.

"My approach is seeing you as a whole and not just the mental health portion of you. During our first meeting, we go ever everything; from medical history, to hospitalizations, to surgeries, nutrition, current lifestyle. My focus is more holistic; trying to figure out the root of cause for your symptoms. I am not worried about finding out what DSM diagnosis you have right away, instead I focus on the whole person, body, mind, and soul. From there, as we figure things out TOGETHER; because are a team; we will then choose what lifestyle modifications we can implement into your life along with pharmacological interventions that can help you along your journey to a better life as a whole."


Joshua Vigil

Admin Support